Academic Content

Four new generic curricula

I. Curriculum
“E-Commerce” practice in new equipped PC pools: E-commerce background; E-payment systems.

II. Curriculum
“Internet Trading on Financial markets and Stock market systems”

III. Curriculum
“Information Systems for Financial Analyses and Investment” I

V. Curriculum
“ERP Systems”: Information Systems for Business Processes Modeling (BPM) Corporate Information systems (ERP). Corporative Portals.


Five Modules

  1. Customer-oriented Systems (CRM)
  2. Internet Marketing
  3. Electronic Systems of Document Turnover
  4. Legal issues for E-commerce
  5. Advanced Security for E-Commerce

Three practice oriented business games

(Internet Trading; Electronic Systems of Document Turnover; Business process modeling)

Four additional training programs for social groups:

Fascinating Basic E-commerce skills (for school boys and girls aged about 15); Intensify E-commerce skills (for working population); How to survive in the hard IT world (for retirees); Efficient family investor and manager of family budget (for ladies)